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Instant Rosé Kit

Instant Rosé Kit

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Say ‘hello’ to instant mimosas and ‘bye,bye’ hassle. Create a mimosa or artisan flavored champagne cocktail instantly with these handcrafted, naturally infused flavored sugar cubes. Once you've made the perfect drink, now you can enjoy the perfect presentation with our edible Rose Petals. Made with natural ingredients and containing only 15 calories, enjoy decorated craft bubblies anywhere, anytime!

  • Complete set of: MINI Rose Petals, MINI Raspberry, MINI Grapefruit
  • Suggested Pairings: Brut rosé, brut sparkling wine, club soda, iced tea, lemonade, tequila, vodka + soda
  • Made in the United States
ROSE PETALS: Rose petals. RASPBERRY: Cane sugar, raspberry flavor & natural raspberry. GRAPEFRUIT: Cane sugar, natural grapefruit oil, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural beet dye & organic orange dye.

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