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Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Dried Flowers from Growing to Styling

Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Dried Flowers from Growing to Styling

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Learn how to make stylish dried floral designs that will last longer than freshly cut bouquets.

Do you adore having flowers around the house but they always seem to wilt and fall to pieces as soon as you place them in water? No longer! Join the trend of DIY drying and create stunning bouquets that will outlast fresh cuts while still adding that soft, romantic floral touch.

Expert florist Carolyn Dunster breathes new life into the age-old art of growing, drying, and displaying blooms in ways that will bring a chic, natural vibe to any room. Whether you are looking for elegant DIY bridal arrangements or trying to add a little bohemian flair to a room’s décor, there are dried designs that will complement every aesthetic and occasion.

Written for a new, younger audience that is just discovering the art of drying flowers and from a popular British botanical stylist with a penchant for urban gardening, this book is a modern spin on a classic craft. For those who are concerned with environmental impact, dried flowers are also gaining popularity as a more sustainable approach to floristry. This book is an ideal purchase for anyone wanting to get started with the art of growing and drying flowers. Learn how to grow your own stems and the best combinations of colour and texture to create floral sculptures that breathe new life into any space in any season.

  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages

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